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A collection of helper methods to make NSAttributedStrings a little bit easier and more convenient to deal with. All methods have the "ash_" prefix to fulfill to category best practices.


NSString objects have the very convenient method

[stringVar stringByAppendingString:@""]

However, if you want to append an attributed string to another, you have to create a NSMutableAttributedString. The given convenience methods add this possibility to NSAttributedStrings:

[attributedStringVar ash_attributedStringByAppendingAttributedString:anotherAttributedStringVar]

Another example is the handling of UIFontTextStyles, e.g. UIFontTextStyleBody. You can use those styles to retrieve a UIFont, but it is decoupled from NSAttributedStrings. Therefore, NSAttributedStringHelper contains methods like

+ (NSDictionary *)ash_attributesForTextStyle:(ASH_UIFontTextStyle)textStyle;
+ (NSAttributedString *)ash_attributedStringWithString:(NSString *)string textStyle:(ASH_UIFontTextStyle)style;


The current collection of methods is pretty small and contribution is very welcome. Feel free to add your own methods and send pull requests.


CPStampAnimation was created by Codepool GmbH, a software company based in Linz, Austria. Idea and initial commits by Florian Rath.



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