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Major Mode for HDL files in nand2tetris.

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The aim of this package is to be best emacs tool to accompany you on your nand2tetris journey in Coursera, or the Official Website for it.

Only works on Linux/OSX...for now

Getting Started

Set the path to your nand2tetris directory with e.g. (setq nand2tetris-core-base-dir "~/nand2tetris").


Using C-c C-c will call nand2tetris/tests-current-hdl-elsewhere which is the same as running: FILE.tst    Starts the Hardware Simulator and runs the
                                 FILE.tst test script.  The success/failure
                                 message is printed to the command console.

And printing the result in the modeline, it looks like this:



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Major Mode for HDL files in nand2tetris.


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