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SPIRV-Cross.NET is a practical tool and library for performing reflection on SPIR-V and disassembling SPIR-V back to high level languages.

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SPIRV-Cross.NET is a .NET5 low-level bindings for SPIRV-Cross.

NuGet License: MIT

The code is licensed under MIT. Feel free to use it for whatever purpose.

Ideas and generator part is based on Vortice.Vulkan


SPIRV-Cross is a tool designed for parsing and converting SPIR-V to other shader languages.


  • Convert SPIR-V to readable, usable and efficient GLSL
  • Convert SPIR-V to readable, usable and efficient Metal Shading Language (MSL)
  • Convert SPIR-V to readable, usable and efficient HLSL
  • Reflection API to simplify the creation of Vulkan pipeline layouts
  • Reflection API to modify and tweak OpDecorations
  • Supports "all" of vertex, fragment, tessellation, geometry and compute shaders.

string GetString(byte* ptr)
    int length = 0;
    while (length < 4096 && ptr[length] != 0)
    // Decode UTF-8 bytes to string.
    return Encoding.UTF8.GetString(ptr, length);

byte[] bytecode = GetBytecode();

SpvId* spirv;

fixed (byte* ptr = bytecode)
    spirv = (SpvId*)ptr;

uint word_count = (uint)bytecode.Length / 4;

spvc_context context = default;
spvc_parsed_ir ir;
spvc_compiler compiler_glsl;
spvc_compiler_options options;
spvc_resources resources;
spvc_reflected_resource* list = default;
nuint count = default;
spvc_error_callback error_callback = default;

// Create context.

// Set debug callback.
spvc_context_set_error_callback(context, error_callback, null);

// Parse the SPIR-V.
spvc_context_parse_spirv(context, spirv, word_count, &ir);

// Hand it off to a compiler instance and give it ownership of the IR.
spvc_context_create_compiler(context, spvc_backend.Glsl, ir, spvc_capture_mode.TakeOwnership, &compiler_glsl);

// Do some basic reflection.
spvc_compiler_create_shader_resources(compiler_glsl, &resources);
spvc_resources_get_resource_list_for_type(resources, spvc_resource_type.UniformBuffer, (spvc_reflected_resource*)&list, &count);

for (uint i = 0; i < count; i++)
    Console.WriteLine("ID: {0}, BaseTypeID: {1}, TypeID: {2}, Name: {3}", list[i].id, list[i].base_type_id, list[i].type_id, GetString(list[i].name));

    uint set = spvc_compiler_get_decoration(compiler_glsl, (SpvId)list[i].id, SpvDecoration.SpvDecorationDescriptorSet);
    Console.WriteLine($"Set: {set}");

    uint binding = spvc_compiler_get_decoration(compiler_glsl, (SpvId)list[i].id, SpvDecoration.SpvDecorationBinding);
    Console.WriteLine($"Binding: {binding}");

Console.WriteLine("\n \n");

// Modify options.
spvc_compiler_create_compiler_options(compiler_glsl, &options);
spvc_compiler_options_set_uint(options, spvc_compiler_option.GlslVersion, 450);
spvc_compiler_options_set_bool(options, spvc_compiler_option.GlslEs, false);
spvc_compiler_install_compiler_options(compiler_glsl, options);

byte* result = default;
spvc_compiler_compile(compiler_glsl, (byte*)&result);
Console.WriteLine("Cross-compiled source: {0}", GetString(result));

// Frees all memory we allocated so far.
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SPIRV-Cross.NET is a practical tool and library for performing reflection on SPIR-V and disassembling SPIR-V back to high level languages.

License:MIT License


Language:C# 56.8%Language:C 41.7%Language:GLSL 1.0%Language:HLSL 0.5%