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Easily verify your backup files

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Read-only verification: it does not change your backup content.


$ npm install -g nodejs-backup-checker


Generate the configuration file for an backup file:

$ nodejs-backup-checker generate /path/to/backup.tar.gz

Compare backup file with expected content stored in configuration file:

$ nodejs-backup-checker compare /path/to/backup.json

Example of configuration file:

  "files": [
      "access": "rwxrwxrwx",
      "group": "pierre",
      "path": "/home/pierre/backup.tar.gz",
      "size": 100,
      "user": "pierre",
      "sha1": null
Field Description Required Type
access Expected file access true string
group Expected owner group true string
path Absolute path to concerned file true string
size Minimum expected file size in Mo false integer
user Expected user name true string
sha1 TODO false string


  • sha1 for compare command
  • Check config file integrity before compare
  • Write log file to report compare
  • generate command must take -c option to provide configuration file path
  • Improve test isolation (related to filesystem)
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Easily verify your backup files

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