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This is the OpenWrt (19.07.5) SDK for NanoPi R4S (FriendlyARM). 

It contains the toolchain with:
 * openssl 1.1.1g
 * zlib 1.2.11
 * curl 7.66
 * mbedtls

If you want to build with rust, pass '-Wl,-dynamic-linker,/lib/ld-musl-aarch64.so.1' to cargo's link-arg.
Libcurl was linked with mbedtls.
LibOpenSSL was linked with libgcc_s.so and libc.so
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License:GNU General Public License v2.0


Language:C 49.9%Language:C++ 48.4%Language:XC 0.5%Language:XS 0.4%Language:Python 0.4%Language:Batchfile 0.2%Language:Objective-C 0.1%Language:Shell 0.0%Language:Makefile 0.0%