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Git History for Visual Studio Code

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Git History, Search and More (including git log)

  • View and search git log along with the graph and details.
  • View a previous copy of the file.
  • View and search the history
    • View the history of one or all branches (git log)
    • View the history of a file
    • View the history of a line in a file (Git Blame).
    • View the history of an author
  • Compare:
    • Compare branches
    • Compare commits
    • Compare files across commits
  • Miscellaneous features:
    • Github avatars
    • Cherry-picking commits
    • Create Tag
    • Create Branch
    • Reset commit (soft and hard)
    • Reverting commits
    • Create branches from a commits
    • View commit information in a treeview (snapshot of all changes)
    • Merge and rebase

Open the file to view the history, and then Press F1 and select/type "Git: View History", "Git: View File History" or "Git: View Line History".

Available Commands

  • View Git History (git log) (git.viewHistory)
  • View File History (git.viewFileHistory)
  • View Line History (git.viewLineHistory)

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can add keyboard short cuts for the above commands by following the directions on the website customization documentation.

NOTE: The file for which the history is to be viewed, must already be opened.

Image of Git Log

Image of File History

Image of Line History

Image of Compare



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Git History for Visual Studio Code

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