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Community curated list of templates for the nuclei engine to find security vulnerabilities.

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Nuclei Templates

Community curated list of templates for the nuclei engine to find security vulnerabilities in applications.

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Templates are the core of the nuclei scanner which powers the actual scanning engine. This repository stores and houses various templates for the scanner provided by our team, as well as contributed by the community. We hope that you also contribute by sending templates via pull requests or Github issues to grow the list.

Nuclei Templates overview

An overview of the nuclei template project, including statistics on unique tags, author, directory, severity, and type of templates. The table below contains the top ten statistics for each matrix; an expanded version of this is available here, and also available in JSON format for integration.

Nuclei Templates Top 10 statistics

cve 1212 daffainfo 565 cves 1217 info 1238 http 3306
panel 528 dhiyaneshdk 439 exposed-panels 538 high 908 file 76
lfi 469 pikpikcu 316 vulnerabilities 459 medium 698 network 50
xss 386 pdteam 268 technologies 258 critical 420 dns 17
wordpress 378 geeknik 185 exposures 220 low 190
exposure 316 dwisiswant0 168 misconfiguration 201 unknown 6
rce 304 0x_akoko 143 workflows 187
cve2021 300 princechaddha 143 token-spray 169
wp-plugin 276 pussycat0x 124 default-logins 96
tech 274 gy741 121 file 76

272 directories, 3673 files.

📖 Documentation

Please navigate to https://nuclei.projectdiscovery.io for detailed documentation to build new or your own custom templates. We have also added a set of templates to help you understand how things work.

💪 Contributions

Nuclei-templates is powered by major contributions from the community. Template contributions , Feature Requests and Bug Reports are more than welcome.


💬 Discussion

Have questions / doubts / ideas to discuss? Feel free to open a discussion on Github discussions board.

👨‍💻 Community

You are welcome to join the active Discord Community to discuss directly with project maintainers and share things with others around security and automation. Additionally, you may follow us on Twitter to be updated on all the things about Nuclei.

Thanks again for your contribution and keeping this community vibrant. ❤️

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Community curated list of templates for the nuclei engine to find security vulnerabilities.


License:MIT License