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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this Carnegie Mellon's new database system project that is replacing Peloton?


  2. Is the new name of the DBMS "terrier"?

    No. We have not announced the new name yet but it will not be "terrier". That is the name of Andy's dog.

  3. When will you announce the new system?

    We hope to have our first release in 2020.

  4. Will the new system still be "self-driving"?

    Yes, our goal is to have this new system to support autonomous operation and optimization as a first-class design principle.

  5. Will the new system still be PostgreSQL compatiable?

    Yes. The DBMS supports the PostgresSQL network protocol (both simple and extended) and emulates PostgresSQL's catalog layout. We are working on support for PL/pgSQL UDFs.

  6. How can I get involved?

    See the New Student Guide. If you are a current student at CMU, then you should consider enrolling in one of the database courses. Non-CMU students are also welcome to contribute.

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