CryptoBlades / cryptoblades


Currency Setup

  1. Install Ganache.
  2. For Ganache, choose Quickstart Ethereum.
  3. Increase the gas limit in the workspace to 99999999 (or some other high number so you can deploy).
  4. Install MetaMask.
  5. Create a new connection to connect to Ganache with these settings: http://localhost:7545, any name, any chain id
  6. In Ganache, click the key icon on the right side of any address and grab the private key.
  7. In MetaMask, create a new account, import from private key, and paste the key in there.

You should now have 100 fake eth! You're now fake rich.

Frontend Setup

  1. npm install
  2. Create a new file named .env in the 'frontend' directory alongside .env.mainnet and .env.testnet Edit this file to include the following lines of code
  3. npm run contract:prepare (this builds your contracts)
  4. npm run contract:deploy (this deploys your contracts to your local blockchain)
  5. npm run start:frontend

For Windows developers experiencing errors follow these steps:

  1. rm -r build
  2. npm run contract:prepare (this builds your contracts)
  3. rm -r build/contracts
  4. npm run contract:deploy
  5. npm run start:frontend

VSCode Setup

If you're using VSCode, we recommend these extensions: Auto Rename Tag, EditorConfig for VSCode, Eslint, Github Pull Requests, Gitlens, Javascript and Typescript, Live Share, Solidity, Typescript Hero, Vetur

Truffle Environment Variables

Truffle also supports some environment variables, if you create a .env file in the root you can specify:



  • contracts contains the solidity contracts for the game
  • frontend contains the Vue code for the frontend
  • migrations contains migration files
  • test contains tests


  • npm run start:frontend - start up a server for the Vue frontend
  • npm run lint - run lint checking for all modules
  • npm run contract:prepare - extract the ABI and re-compile Truffle contracts
  • npm run contract:deploy - deploy the Truffle contracts for testing


  • If you run into any error at all during the build process you may need to reset Ganache by deleting previous workspaces and going through the Ganache setup process again including importing a new account for Metamask.
  • Artifacts are from different compiler runs - rm -rf build/



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