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Dynamically generated, customizable SVG that gives the appearance of typing and deleting text.

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⌨️ Readme Typing SVG

Quick setup

  1. Copy-paste the markdown below into your GitHub profile README
  2. Replace the value after ?lines= with your text. Separate lines of text with semicolons and use + or %20 for spaces.
  3. (Optional) Adjust the width parameter (see below) to fit the full width of your text.
[![Typing SVG](;Second+line+of+text)](

Demo site

Here you can easily customize your Typing SVG with a live preview.

Demo Site

🚀 Example usage

Below are links to profiles where you can see Readme Typing SVGs in action!

Jonah Lawrence Waren Gonzaga Eke Victor 8BitJonny Krish Aditya Raute Shiva Sankeerth Reddy Tarun Kamboj T.A.Vignesh Angelo Fallaria William J. Ghelfi Shivam Yadav Adam Ross Krishna Kumar Pratik Pingale Vydr'Oz Caroline Heloíse BenjaminMichaelis Thakur Ballary

Feel free to open a PR and add yours!

🔧 Options

Parameter Details Type Example
lines Text to display with lines separated by ; and + for spaces string First+line;Second+line;Third+line
height Height of the output SVG in pixels (default: 50) integer Any positive number
width Width of the output SVG in pixels (default: 400) integer Any positive number
size Font size in pixels (default: 20) integer Any positive number
font Font family (default: monospace) string Any font from Google Fonts
color Color of the text (default: 36BCF7) string Hex code without # (eg. F724A9)
background Background color of the text (default: 00000000) string Hex code without # (eg. FEFF4C)
center true to center text or false for left aligned (default: false) boolean true or false
vCenter true to center vertically or false(default) to align above the center boolean true or false
multiline true to wrap lines or false to retype on one line (default: false) boolean true or false
duration Duration of the printing of a single line in milliseconds (default: 5000) integer Any positive number

📤 Deploying it on your own

If you can, it is preferable to host the files on your own server.

Doing this can lead to better uptime and more control over customization (you can modify the code for your usage).

You can deploy the PHP files on any website server with PHP installed or as a Heroku app.

Step-by-step instructions for deploying to Heroku

  1. Sign in to Heroku or create a new account at
  2. Click the "Deploy to Heroku" button below


  1. On the page that comes up, click "Deploy App" at the end of the form
  2. Once the app is deployed, click "Manage App" to go to the dashboard
  3. Scroll down to the Domains section in the settings to find the URL you will use in place of
  4. [Optional] To use Google fonts or other custom fonts, you will need to configure the database. The login credentials for the database can be found by clicking the PostgreSQL add-on and going to Settings. The following is the definition for the fonts table that needs to be created.
	"family" varchar(50) NOT NULL,
	css varchar(1200000) NOT NULL,
	fetch_date date NOT NULL,
	CONSTRAINT fonts_pkey PRIMARY KEY (family)

🤗 Contributing

Contributions are welcome! Feel free to open an issue or submit a pull request if you have a way to improve this project.

Make sure your request is meaningful and you have tested the app locally before submitting a pull request.

Installing requirements



sudo apt-get install php
sudo apt-get install php-curl
sudo apt-get install composer


Install PHP from XAMPP or

How to install and run PHP using XAMPP (Windows)

📥 Download Composer

Clone the repository

git clone
cd readme-typing-svg

Running the app locally

composer start

Open http://localhost:8000/ and add parameters to run the project locally.

Running the tests

Before you can run tests, PHPUnit must be installed. You can install it using Composer by running the following command.

composer install

Run the following command to run the PHPUnit test script which will verify that the tested functionality is still working.

composer test

🙋‍♂️ Support

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This project uses Twemoji, published under the CC-BY 4.0 License


Dynamically generated, customizable SVG that gives the appearance of typing and deleting text.

License:MIT License


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