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  • 👋 Hi, I’m @Codingprodigy-tech
  • 👀 I’m a software engineer and I'm versed in Java, python, php, markdown, C++, C#, CSS, RSS, DDOS, Linux, of course Ubuntu, and object oriented design. I'm interested in new coding, app development, and beta testing. I'm currently learning SwiftUI, python 3, and Ruby on Rails, as well as new ways to shorten My JavaScript line. You can reach me here at no spamming please. I went to the University of Arizona and have my bachelors degree in software engineering. I first got into computers and coding with my big bro (who went on to bigger and better things in life and I'm proud of him) But we got our first computer in the 80's. It was a commodore I'm not sure the make or model but we were rarely EVER allowed to touch it and nobody really ever took the dust jacket it came with that fit exactly over the computer And keyboard. It's actually kinda cool and wish they still did that for CPUs cuz it protected the hardware from static electricity. Plus it kept it nice n tidy. But our second computer was the one I am embarrassed to even say is the first one I ever Learned on was a PS/1 back when CPUs accepted real floppy floppy disks 3.5mm diskettes and EVENTUALLY you could access that extra panel you wondered what it was for well it was for CD ROM. I do miss the days of messing around on DOS and making the computer do stupid things. It made us feel like little hackers especially when we got our of course black diskette of the anarchist cookbook which we used to black box and card all the time. But most of that information is defunct now. No more making ID's from death certificates. Lol. But I got back into it and now I'm Here to try and see about learning git. I'm a huge cotton candy lover. (And YES the blue and pink kinds taste different), I'm also here to learn from others so don't take it personally if I rip off your repository. I may really like it or have a cool use for it. I also would like to meet others to brainstorm, share ideas, and just make friends.


Config files for my GitHub profile.