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πŸ“ƒ A simple cross-platform notepad. Based on Qt and C++.

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A simple cross-platform notepad. Based on Qt and C++.

If you want to track the latest news of Notepanda, welcome to our πŸ“° Telegram channel!

BTW you can read this post in my blog: Notepanda 开发小结

Why write this text editor?

I recently started getting started with Qt, this is my first Qt project, the first C++ project, and the first project in my life. I hope to develop my skills through this project.

I'm not going to use this as a replacement for my other text editors because it's too simple and I am too poor :)

So enjoy this toy 🍡️


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  • Basic operation
  • Line numbers
  • Syntax highlight
  • Launch from the shell by typing: notepanda or notepanda CMakeLists.txt
  • Preview panel (Support Markdown & HTML)
  • Opening files with Drag and Drop.


If you are Windows / MacOS / Linux user, you can go to Releases page.

If you are using Scoop, you can get Notepanda from my sweet scoop bucket πŸ‘ peach:

scoop bucket add peach
scoop install notepanda

If you are Arch Linux (or Arch-based distros) user, you can get Notepanda from AUR. AUR Badge

You may use an AUR helper such as yay to automatically handle the build process of AUR packages:

yay -S notepanda

The latest version is v0.1.4 now.


For more information, go to How to build - GitHub Wiki.

Required Tools

Required Dependencies


See Projects.

Contributions / Bugs

PRs Welcome

You want to contribute to Notepanda? Awesome! Please read the contribution guidelines for details and useful hints. There is no rules now!

If you found a bug or have a feature request, you can report it GitHub Issue.

πŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈοΈ Thank you very much!

Special Thanks


Copyright (c) ChungZH.

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βš– Released under the MIT license.

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πŸ—’οΈ Notepanda Β© ChungZH.

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πŸ“ƒ A simple cross-platform notepad. Based on Qt and C++.

License:MIT License


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