An open-source DRAM power model based on extensive experimental characterization of real DRAM modules. Described in the SIGMETRICS 2018 paper by Ghose et al. (

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Implementation status on some commands

rachmadvwp opened this issue · comments

I'd like to ask whether these following commands have been implemented and used for calculating the latency and power/energy consumption in VAMPIRE: PREA, REF, REFB, PDN_F_ACT, PDN_F_PRE, PDN_S_PRE, SREN, SREX?
Thanks in advance.

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These commands have not yet been implemented, but we will add support for many of them in an upcoming release.

Hi @SGwithADD ,
I'd like to ask, is it correct that the static power and energy have been incorporated in each of these: total read energy, total write energy, totalPreCmdEnergy, totalActCmdEnergy, total precharge standby energy, and total active standby energy?
Thanks in advance.

I'd like to ask,, is it correct that the current vampire version does not support refresh energy estimate yet? Thanks in advance.

@rachmadvwp Refresh and power commands are not implemented yet and using them would result in an error message:


Lines 532 to 541 in 012b079

case (int(CommandType::PREA)):
case (int(CommandType::REF)):
case (int(CommandType::REFB)):
case (int(CommandType::PDN_F_ACT)):
case (int(CommandType::PDN_F_PRE)):
case (int(CommandType::PDN_S_PRE)):
case (int(CommandType::SREN)):
case (int(CommandType::SREX)):
msg::error("Not implemented yet");