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simulated TV for MySensors

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  • PhoneyTV V3.0
  • by Jim >> BulldogLowell@gmail.com
  • Inspired by Josh >> Deltanu1142@gmail.com
  • This Sketch illuminates 6 sets of LED's in a random fashion as to mimic the
  • ambient light eminating from a television. It is intended to make an empty
  • home (or an empty section of a home) appear to be occupied by someone watching
  • TV. As an alternative to a real television left on, this uses less than 1%
  • of the electrical energy.
  • With the use of the MySensors plugin and gateway, PhoneyTV is intended to
  • be used with Vera or Raspberry PI.
  • Sketch does not use any delays to create the random blinking as a way to
  • assure that communication back to the gateway is as unaffected as possible.
  • You can adjust the length of the blink interval and its "twitchyness" by
  • modifying the random number generators, if you prefer more/less 'motion' in
  • in your unit. The lines are highlighted in the code.
  • Sketch takes advantage of available PWM on pins 3, 5 & 6 using the wht/blu LEDs
  • to allow fluctuations in the intensity of the light, enhancing the PhoneyTV's
  • natural ambient light effect.
  • This uses the MySensors.org sketch and will attach itself to your gateway as
  • a light, which was another requirement. Because of that requirement, it
  • utilizes one digital output pin in the logic (but not physically) and a relay
  • is not actually required to use this sketch. Also, the radio pinout remains
  • in tact as to preserve the ease of use for MySensor.org users
  • Created 12-APR-2014
  • Free for distrubution
  • Credit should be given to MySensors.org for their base code for relay control
  • and for the radio configuration. Thanks Guys.
  • 29-May-2014
  • Version 2: Simplified the code, removing all redundant relay setup from original
  • code. Added an on/off momentary pushputton option to be set up on pin 2. Inproved
  • the dark dips for longer duration (can be configured) at intervals.
  • 4-Oct-2014
  • Version 3:
  • Updated for MySensors V1.4
  • 5-Nov-2015
  • Version 3.1: Turned off Relay functionality of node to eliminate network complexity
  • Updated for MySensors V1.4.1



simulated TV for MySensors