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Quickly get up and running on web3

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web3 scaffold

Quickly get up and running on web3

This scaffold is set up as a monorepo using the incredibly fast pnpm, with packages for each part of the project. All of these packages use a common Typescript foundation with linting and autoformatting and is best used with VSCode. It assumes you'll be deploying to an EVM-compatible blockchain.



This is the frontend of your project. It's built on Next.js using Tailwind CSS. Data is read from the smart contract via a subgraph (below) using urql and autogenerated Typescript definitions with GraphQL Code Generator.


This is where your smart contracts live. They're written in Solidity using Foundry (forge & cast) to compile, test, and deploy. Types are generated with TypeChain.


This is the read-only backend for your project and where you can offload a lot of the heavy lifting that would traditionally be done through an eth RPC node. It's written in AssemblyScript and deployed to The Graph.



Vercel supports monorepos and pnpm out-of-the-box, but you'll need to set the "Root Directory" to packages/app either during the Vercel project setup or afterwards in the project settings.


Quickly get up and running on web3


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