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This is a simple script that can be installed on Mac OSX to automatically enable and disable Aiport (Wi-Fi) based on ethernet connectivity.


  • Runs as a OSX system service using launchctl
  • Growl notification of enable and disable
  • OSX 10.8+ notification if Growl is not present


  • Thunderbolt Ethernet interface is en5
  • Aiport interface is en0

(Other Macbook Pro confgurations are typically en0 as ethernet and en1 as Airpot)

If these are different on your system, please edit before installing. (If anybody knows to make this discoverable via bash, please let me know.)


Download the latest zip or clone the repo.

To install, use the Makefile:

make install

If you do not have make installed:

cp ./ /usr/local/bin/.
chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/
cp ./com.16cards.toggleairport.plist ~/Library/LaunchAgents/
launchctl load ~/Library/LaunchAgents/com.16cards.toggleairport.plist
launchctl start com.16cards.toggleairport

To uninstall:

make uninstall


togglewifi uses either Growl 2.0 or OS X Notification Center to display when certain actions have taken place such as:

  • No wired network detected. Turning AirPort on.
  • Wired network detected. Turning AirPort off.
  • AirPort manually turned on.
  • AirPort manually turned off.

In order to see these messages, you must either install growlnotify or terminal-notifier.

terminal-notifier can be installed through MacPorts or as a gem:

sudo port install terminal-notifier
sudo gem install terminal-notifier
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