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Identify the type of disease present on Appletree leafs

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Kaggle: Plant Pathology 2021 - FGVC8

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Foliar (leaf) diseases pose a major threat to the overall productivity and quality of apple orchards. The current process for disease diagnosis in apple orchards is based on manual scouting by humans, which is time-consuming and expensive.

The main objective of the competition is to develop machine learning-based models to accurately classify a given leaf image from the test dataset to a particular disease category, and to identify an individual disease from multiple disease symptoms on a single leaf image.

Sample images


install this tooling

A simple way how to use this basic functions:

! pip install

run notebooks in Kaggle

run notebooks in Colab

I would recommend uploading the dataset to you personal gDrive and then in notebooks connect the gDrive which saves you lost of time with re-uploading dataset when ever your Colab is reset... :]

some results

Training progress with ResNet50 with training for 10 epochs > over 96% validation accuracy:

Training process

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Identify the type of disease present on Appletree leafs

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