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Akka.Net Persistence extension/plugin for Event Store

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Upgrade to Latest Akka Version, From Nuget

BlairAllegroTech opened this issue · comments

Hi @4deeptech ,

I like what you are doing with this project.
Are you still maintaining it?

I am getting set up to use Akka and EventStore and have been making some enhancements to your code.
If you are interested we can try to get them merged back into your project.
I have also been making changes to the Core and Sample projects as well

Hi @BlairAllegroTech,

Been quite a while since I have looked at this stuff. You job. I have not done much with the latest 1.1 persistence stuff so I haven't even looked at trying to update this to match the the changes needed for newer Persistence. Have you looked at that yet? I haven't looked through your forked changes but would be willing to merge and collaborate if I can and have time.

Yes, i have upgraded to 1.1.2 from nuget.
There were only a few changes required.

Have found a few bugs and implemented Passivate pattern and SnapShotting.

There are a bunch of other things that i will work on to get it to a state where i will use it.
-- Decouple EventJornal and SnapShot representations from Akka code...