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Vim plugin for Todo.txt

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(Apr 2015) Important note: mappings were changed!

As it was suggested on issue #28 (and as recommended by vim's documentation), all mappings were changed to use <localleader> instead of <leader>. If you don't have maplocalleader set on your environment then yours is probably \. For more information on that regard, please take a look at :h <Localleader>.

(Jan 2016) Note: Overdue date highlight and Python Optional dependency

A new feature was added to highlight dates in overdue tasks as an Error (as suggested on issue #44). It depends on a Python library, however, and as such will only be able to work if your version of Vim was compiled with the +python option (as most common versions do).

If your Vim installation does not have Python support, this plugin will work just fine but this feature will be disabled.

Quick install

git clone git://
cd todo.txt-vim
cp -R * ~/.vim

This plugin gives syntax highlighting to todo.txt files. It also defines a few mappings, to help with editing these files:

Sorting tasks:
<localleader>s Sort the file
<localleader>s+ Sort the file on +Projects
<localleader>s@ Sort the file on @Contexts
<localleader>sd Sort the file on dates
<localleader>sdd Sort the file on due dates

Edit priority:
<localleader>j Decrease the priority of the current line
<localleader>k Increase the priority of the current line
<localleader>a Add the priority (A) to the current line
<localleader>b Add the priority (B) to the current line
<localleader>c Add the priority (C) to the current line

<localleader>d Set current task's creation date to the current date
date<tab> (Insert mode) Insert the current date

Mark as done:
<localleader>x Mark current task as done
<localleader>X Mark all tasks as done
<localleader>D Move completed tasks to done.txt

This plugin detects any text file with the name todo.txt or done.txt with an optional prefix that ends in a period (e.g. second.todo.txt, example.done.txt).

If you want the help installed, run ":helptags ~/.vim/doc" inside vim after having copied the files. Then you will be able to get the commands help with: :h todo.txt.


Vim plugin for Todo.txt


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