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A light that follows your cursor around so you don't lose it!

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Beacon — Never lose your cursor again

This is a global minor-mode. Turn it on everywhere with:

(beacon-mode 1)


Whenever the window scrolls a light will shine on top of your cursor so you know where it is.

That’s it.


  • The appearance of the beacon is configured by beacon-size and beacon-color.
  • The duration is configured by beacon-blink-duration and beacon-blink-delay.
  • To customize when the beacon should blink at all, configure beacon-blink-when-window-scrolls, beacon-blink-when-window-changes, and beacon-blink-when-point-moves.
  • To prevent the beacon from blinking only on specific situations configure beacon-dont-blink-major-modes, beacon-dont-blink-predicates, or beacon-dont-blink-commands. You can also disable it only in specific buffers by doing (setq-local beacon-mode nil).
  • Beacon can also push the mark for you whenever point moves a long distance. For this, configure beacon-push-mark.


If you’d like to help too, just open a PR.


A light that follows your cursor around so you don't lose it!

License:GNU General Public License v3.0


Language:Emacs Lisp 100.0%