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Introductory Cards Repository for HacktoberFest 2020

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Hactoberfest 2020 Participation Card

Who is this repository for?

This is a beginner firendly repository. You can start your Hacktoberfest journey with this repository. Here you will be your own card & page as a markdown file and it will be shown in the hosted version of this app.

How to Contribute

Step 1: Fork this repository and clone that forked repository to your local machine.

Step 2: Inside the /pages/_posts folder, create your own markdown file with your name. For example, my name is Ayushman Bilas Thakur, so the file I will be creating is the _ for a legible URL, just make sure you don't use spacebar). Please start by copying and filling out the top part.

Step 3: Of course, we are developers. We want to test everything befor uploading it. For that just run npm install and then npm run dev to run the project locally and see how your card/page is shown by clicking on your name on the homepage. Live reload is enabled here, so feel free to change the makdown as per your liking as long as possible.

Step 4: Once you are happy with your card and page, push the changes to the forked repo, and from there submit a Pull request to our repo.

Step 5: Wait for your PR to be accepted and see your card and page show in our live page @ Test URL

Extra note: It will be better if you upload the pictures externally and link them in the markdown. In case you can't find any service you may use the static folder, but be careful with the image/images you are uploading.

Technology used

Hello curious person, we have used saber, a vue.js based framework for Static Site Generation. So, if you know vue.js, you are welcome to show your creativity in the markdown based pages, which can also handle vue.js code and works somewhat like a vue.js component


Introductory Cards Repository for HacktoberFest 2020


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