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An app for the greatest show of all time!

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TheBreakingBadApp (The one that rocks!)

A fan made App for one of the greatest show of all time - Breaking Bad! ❤️

About the App

An App made fully with Kotlin uses the BreakingBadAPI 😎

User can

  • See details of the Characters.
  • See quotes of the series and copy them to the clipboard.
  • See clips from the Official Breaking Bad Youtube Channel.
  • Can hear 'My baby blue' running in the background(can be toggled off and on.)

Uses :

  • Bottom Navigation Sheet
  • Fragments
  • Volley
  • Glide

Screenshots :


How to use it?

Clone the repo , open it in Android Studio and try it out in your Physical Device or Emulator.

How to contribute?

Fork the repo , make changes and give a valid Pull Request.


An app for the greatest show of all time!


Language:Kotlin 100.0%