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Project of SE2322 in SJTU.

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Project 1: KVStore using Log-structured Merge Tree

The handout files include two main parts:

  • The KVStoreAPI class in kvstore_api.h that specifies the interface of KVStore.
  • Test files including correctness test ( and persistence test (

Explanation of each handout file:

├── Makefile  // Makefile if you use GNU Make
├── // This readme file
├── // Correctness test, you should not modify this file
├── data      // Data directory used in our test
├──     // your implementation
├── kvstore.h      // your implementation
├── kvstore_api.h  // KVStoreAPI, you should not modify this file
├── // Persistence test, you should not modify this file
├── utils.h         // Provides some cross-platform file/directory interface
├── MurmurHash3.h  // Provides murmur3 hash function
└── test.h         // Base class for testing, you should not modify this file

First have a look at the kvstore_api.h file to check functions you need to implement. Then modify the and kvstore.h files and feel free to add new class files.

We will use all files with .cc, .cpp, .cxx suffixes to build correctness and persistence tests. Thus, you can use any IDE to finish this project as long as you ensure that all C++ source files are submitted.

For the test files, of course you could modify it to debug your programs. But remember to change it back when you are testing.

Good luck :)


Project of SE2322 in SJTU.

License:Apache License 2.0


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