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Repository contains implementation of bETH/USD JSON-RPC Price Feed. Price feed built as Cloudflare's worker.


Worker contains currentPrice method which returns current bETH price in USD rounded to 8 decimal places.

bETH price calculation based on a next formula: bETHPrice = ethPrice * stETHRate / bETHRate, where:

  • ethPrice - current ETH/USD price retrieved from the Chainlink's ETH/USD feed contract
  • stETHRate - current stETH/ETH spot price retrieved from the Curve stETH pool contract
  • bETHRate - current stETH/bETH rate retrieved from the AnchorVault contract. Always greater than or equal 1.

Feed can use multiple Ethereum JSON-RPC nodes to improve fault-tolerance.

Example of request:

curl \
    -X POST \
    -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
    -d '{"jsonrpc": "2.0", "method": "currentPrice", "id": 1}'

Example of response:

  "jsonrpc": "2.0",
  "id": 1,
  "result": "2525.37222247"

bETH Safe Price Validation

For the resulting bETH price value (bETHPrice) and for each value of: ethPrice, stETHRate, bETHRate might be added validations to check that values belong to the allowed range. For each of the above values might be set next validations:

  • maxValue - maximum value which might be reached
  • minValue - minimum value which might be reached
  • maxDeviations - an array of max deviations in percent. Each element will be compared to element from reference values array at the same index.

Reference values - it's an array of values of bETHPrice, ethPrice, stETHRate and bETHRate taken from different blocks. The number of such reference values and block numbers where to retrieve values from might be set via ENV variable DEVIATION_BLOCK_OFFSETS in wrangler.toml file. DEVIATION_BLOCK_OFFSETS must contain a valid JSON array of numbers (empty array is allowed).

Example of DEVIATION_BLOCK_OFFSETS value: [10000, 1000, 100] - use three points as reference values, with block numbers: [currentBlockNumber - 10000, currentBlockNumber - 1000, currentBlockNumber - 100].

Validations for values bETHPrice, ethPrice, stETHRate and bETHRate might be set via next corresponding ENV variables in wrangler.toml file:


Each of these variables must contain a valid JSON string of next type:

  maxValue?: number | string;
  minValue?: number | string;
  maxDeviations: (number | string)[];

Example of declaration of validations for BETH_PRICE_LIMITS in wrangler.toml file:

BETH_PRICE_LIMITS = '{"maxValue":3100,"minValue":"3000","deviations":[20.5,15,5]}'

which requires that the value bETHPrice variable contains in the range [3000,3100], and deviation from reference blocks less than 20.5 % for value with zero index, 15 with index equal to one, and 5 % with index three.

When some validation of price safety fails, an error will be returned instead of a default response.

Example of response with an error when bETHPrice's max value validation failed:

  "jsonrpc": "2.0",
  "id": null,
  "error": {
    "message": "Unsafe Price: value of \"bEthPrice\" too high",
    "code": -40001,
    "data": {
      "maxValue": "3100",
      "currentValue": "3324.64747392728265104149"

Example of response with an error when bETHPrice's min value validation failed:

  "jsonrpc": "2.0",
  "id": null,
  "error": {
    "message": "Unsafe Price: value of \"bEthPrice\" too low",
    "code": -40002,
    "data": {
      "minValue": "3400",
      "currentValue": "3324.8884429858988432267"

Example of response with an error when bETHPrice's max deviation validation failed:

  "jsonrpc": "2.0",
  "id": null,
  "error": {
    "message": "Unsafe Price: Max deviation of \"bEthPrice\" exceeded",
    "code": -40003,
    "data": {
      "maxDeviation": "2",
      "currentDeviation": "4.278974120495502111",
      "currentValue": {
        "block": 13082521,
        "value": "3324.64747392728265104149"
      "referenceValue": {
        "block": 13076121,
        "value": "3182.38666892022678037954"

Development And Deployment


  • node.js >= 12
  • @cloudflare/wrangler >= 1.17

Prepare Wrangler

  1. Sign up for a Cloudflare Workers account.
  2. Install the Workers CLI: npm install -g @cloudflare/wrangler
  3. Login to Wrangler account: wrangler login (If the login command get stuck on login, see instructions in this comment to fix the issue: cloudflare/wrangler#1703 (comment))
  4. Run command wrangler whoami to check that login was succeed.
  5. Fill account_id in wrangler.toml with your account ID value.

Install Dependencies

Navigate to root directory of the project and run npm install command

Setup Environment variables

  1. Run wrangler build to add encrypted env variables.

  2. Run wrangler secret put ETH_RPCS --env ENVIRONMENT_NAME command to set list of Ethereum JSON-RPC URLs. Example of variable format: ["",""]. --env might be one of staging, production. If omitted would be used development environment.

  3. Fill values SENTRY_PORJECT_ID and SENTRY_KEY in wrangler.toml file to activate errors reporting via Sentry. This variables might be get from from the "DSN". The "DSN" will be in the form: https://<SENTRY_KEY><SENTRY_PROJECT_ID>. DSN might be found in the Sentry project settings.

  4. Fill zone_id and route to publish staging/production builds. See deployment instructions for more details. This step might be skipped if only local development supposed.

Project Build

Run npm run build command to build the current version of bETH price feed.

Development Server

To start a local server for developing your worker run wrangler dev.


To deploy build run wrangler publish --env ENVIRONMENT_NAME, where ENVIRONMENT_NAME one of staging, production

publish helper bash script

To make it easier to publish the worker:

  • copy sample.env to .env, change the values
  • fill all described above config settings in wrangler.toml
  • to publish in staging environment - run the ./ script without params
  • run ./ production script to publish in production


To run tests:

  • Run local Ethereum RPC node on address: For example: npx hardhat node.
  • In other console run command: npm run test
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