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throw new Error('Insufficient ust balance');

Djainesh opened this issue · comments

Hello folks, I my facing the above issue while implementing the code of deposit. If anyone could guide me for this error it would be great as I'm new in this field. thank you in advance. i had also entered my Mnemonickey but still it not works for me. It says throw new Error('Insufficient ust balance');

import { Account, AnchorEarn, CHAINS, NETWORKS, TxOutput } from '@anchor-protocol/anchor-earn/dist/facade';
import {MnemonicKey} from '@anchor-protocol/anchor-earn/dist/facade';
import {DENOMS} from '@anchor-protocol/anchor-earn/dist/address-provider'

*For creating new account
// const account = new Account(CHAINS.TERRA);
// console.log(account.toData());

const account = new MnemonicKey({


const anchorEarn = new AnchorEarn({
network: NETWORKS.BOMBAY_12,
privateKey: account.privateKey,

async function start() {
const deposit = await anchorEarn.deposit({
amount: '1.0',
currency: DENOMS.UST,