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Cleaning-up Persian Texts!

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Virastar (ویراستار)

Virastar is a Persian text cleaner.

A javascript port of aziz/virastar

see live demo

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npm install virastar


var Virastar = require('virastar');
var virastar = new Virastar();

virastar.cleanup("فارسي را كمی درست تر می نويسيم");
// Outputs: "فارسی را کمی درست‌تر می‌نویسیم"


<script src="lib/virastar.js"></script>
  var virastar = new Virastar();
  alert(virastar.cleanup("فارسي را كمی درست تر می نويسيم"));

Virastar([text] [,options])


Type: string

String of Persian source to be cleaned.


Type: object

Virastar("سلام 123" ,{"fix_english_numbers":false});
// Outputs:"سلام 123"

Options and Specifications

Virastar comes with a list of options to control its behavior.

all options are enabled by default.

  • normalize_eol

    • replace Windows end of lines with Unix EOL (\n)
  • decode_htmlentities

    • converts all HTML characterSets into original characters
  • fix_dashes

    • replace double dash to ndash and triple dash to mdash
  • fix_three_dots

    • replace three dots with ellipsis
  • fix_english_quotes_pairs

    • replace English quotes pairs (“”) with their Persian equivalent («»)
  • fix_english_quotes

    • replace English quotes, commas and semicolons with their Persian equivalent
  • fix_hamzeh

    • convert ه ی to هٔ
  • cleanup_rlm

    • converting Right-to-left marks followed by Persian characters to zero-width non-joiners (ZWNJ)
  • cleanup_zwnj

    • remove more than one zwnj chars
    • remove unnecessary zwnj chars that are succeeded/preceded by a space
    • clean zwnj chars after Persian characters that don't conncet to the next letter
    • clean zwnj chars before English characters
    • clean zwnj chars after and before punctuation
  • fix_arabic_numbers

    • replace Arabic numbers with their Persian equivalent
  • fix_english_numbers

    • replace English numbers with their Persian equivalent
    • should not replace English numbers in English phrases
  • skip_markdown_ordered_lists_numbers_conversion

    • skip converting English numbers of ordered lists in markdown
  • fix_misc_non_persian_chars

    • replace Arabic kaf and Yeh with its Persian equivalent
  • fix_question_mark

    • replace question marks with its Persian equivalent
  • fix_perfix_spacing

    • put zwnj between word and prefix:
      • mi*, nemi*, bi*
  • fix_suffix_spacing

    • put zwnj between word and suffix:
      • *am, *at, *ash, *ei, *eid, *eem, *and
      • *ha, *haye
      • *tar, *tari, *tarin
      • *hayee, *hayam, *hayat, *hayash, *hayetan, *hayeman, *hayeshan
  • fix_spacing_for_braces_and_quotes

    • fix spacing for () [] {} “” «» (one space outside, no space inside)
    • correct :;,.?! spacing (one space after and no space before)
  • cleanup_spacing

    • replace more than one space with just a single one
  • cleanup_begin_and_end

    • remove spaces, tabs, and new lines from the beginning and end of text

aggressive editing

  • aggresive

    • enable/disable aggressive editing
  • cleanup_extra_marks

    • replace more than one ! or ? mark with just one
  • kashidas_as_parenthetic

    • replace kashidas to ndash in parenthetic
  • cleanup_kashidas

    • remove all kashidas


  • preserve_HTML

    • preserve all HTML tags
  • preserve_URIs

    • preserve all URI links in the text
  • preserve_brackets

    • preserve strings inside square brackets ([])
  • preserve_braces

    • preserve strings inside curly braces ({})


This software is licensed under the MIT License. View the license.

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Cleaning-up Persian Texts!

License:MIT License


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