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Bootswatch is a collection of free themes for Bootstrap. Check it out at bootswatch.com.


Download the bootstrap.min.css file associated with a theme and replace Bootstrap's default stylesheet.

The themes are also hosted on BootstrapCDN.

Rails users should check out twitter-bootswatch-rails.


Bootswatch is open source and you’re welcome to modify the themes.

Each theme consists of two LESS files. variables.less, which is included by default in Bootstrap, allows you to customize these settings. bootswatch.less introduces more extensive structural changes.

These files are also available in SASS.

Check out the Help page for more details on building your own theme.


A simple API is available for integrating your platform with Bootswatch. Send your request to http://api.bootswatch.com/3/.

The swatch objects are returned in an array called themes, each one with the following properties: name, description, preview, thumbnail, css, cssMin, less, and lessVariables.

More info at http://bootswatch.com/help/#api


Thomas Park


Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton for Bootstrap.

Jenil Gogari for his contributions to the Flatly theme.

James Taylor for cors-lite.

Corey Sewell for SASS conversion.

Copyright and License

Copyright 2014 Thomas Park

Code released under the MIT License.

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Themes for Bootstrap


License:MIT License


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