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The newest way to manage the oldest computers.

This program has been created to simplify the way I use 86Box x86 emulator.

Currently this software is the successor of WinBox Reloaded.

It's most noticeable features are:

  • It automatically updates 86Box from Jenkins.
  • It collects all your VMs in a slick brand new list, with some customization options.
  • It has a very user friendly UI.
  • It has a template based virtual machine creation wizard, which makes life so much easier.
  • It has a collection of around 2000+ vintage hard disk geometries, so you can use any of them to your hearts wish.
  • It has a real time performance monitor so you can check if you're running too many machines at once.
  • It has a built in GUID based storing system for your machines, so you don't have to be aware of folder naming schemes.
  • It has a large collection of custom made icons.
  • It can create floppy images, and VHD and IMG hard disk images.

The program currently supports these display languages:

      Hungarian (hu-HU), English (en-US), Italian (it-IT), Portuguese Brazilian (pt-BR), German (de-DE), Simplified Chinese (zh-CN), Spanish (es-ES)

Special thanks to explorerdotexe, Altieres Lima da Silva, startmenu and Carlos Romero for translating the program.

If you want to add your language to the supported list, you can find the language files under the Translations folder. These files are simple UTF-8 encoded C-style escape sequenced INI-files, can be created by any kind of text editor.

If you want to translate the progam to your language, you can find a guide in the Wiki section. If you got stuck with it, feel free to ask questions. Add your new language as a pull request and I most probably include it with the next release.

System Requirements:

  • Recommended: Windows 10, and in theory Windows 11 also supported.
  • Minimum: Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1, with the latest updates.

Note: Under Windows 7 there are known problems with the updater due to missing cryptographic capabilities by default. These problems can be solved by installing Internet Explorer 11 and the latest updates after SP1.

The program is written in Delphi 11 and uses the JEDI Code Library (JCL).

The application is licensed under the GNU GPL v3.0 license.


License:GNU General Public License v3.0


Language:Pascal 99.9%Language:Inno Setup 0.1%