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Google Chrome extension for posting Gists to Github

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What is it?

Gistamine is a Google Chrome extension that allows creating Gists on Github


###Simple way This process is very simple. Extension is hosted on Google's extension directory and could be directly accessed via link https://chrome.google.com/extensions/detail/jilpffgcnfbkpbhfigefcpgekcmkebcl


  1. Execute: git clone git@github.com:dashin/gistamine.git
  2. Open Google Chrome -> Settings -> Extensions
  3. Click on "Developer Mode"
  4. Load unpacked extension...
  5. Chose the gistamine directory and here you are


Currently it is possible to post one Gist a time only.


  1. Posting multiple Gists
  2. Deleting existent Gists
  3. I'm open for suggestions!
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Google Chrome extension for posting Gists to Github