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Rosebud DAO

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Rosebud DAO

Local Dev Instructions

install ganache-cli

Ganache can create a personal blockchain for us that we can use it create accounts and do tests easier.+ To install it we use npm like that:

  1. npm install -g ganache-cli
  2. ganache-cli -h -m \"fetch local valve black attend double eye excite planet primary install allow\" -a 100

With this command we use the seed to create 100 accounts with 100 ETH each.

install graph-cli

  1. npm install -g @graphprotocol/graph-cli

If this did not work try this command:

yarn global add @graphprotocol/graph-cli

install truffle To install Truffle globally, run one the following two commands from a terminal: NPM npm install -g truffle Yarn yarn global add truffle

install graph protocol

  1. clone repo https://github.com/graphprotocol/graph-node
  2. go to docker/docker-compose.yml and replace :

ethereum: "dev:http://host.docker.internal:8545"

with :

ethereum: "mainnet:http://host.docker.internal:8545"

NOTE: every time ganache-cli is restarted, the name of the network (mainnet in this reference) needs to be changed with a new name

NOTE 2: For Linux users, please refer to this: graphprotocol/graph-node#1149

  1. run docker-compose up

create subgraph

  1. open new terminal window
  2. clone https://github.com/MolochVentures/moloch-monorepo
  3. go to moloch-monorepo/packages/subgraph
  4. run npm install
  5. run graph create moloch --node

run truffle tests to populate graph and update contract address

  1. go to moloch-monorepo/packages/contracts
  2. run npm install
  3. run truffle test test/single.js
  4. Copy moloch.address from the output of the test. You'll need it in the next step!

run subgraph

  1. go to moloch-monorepo/packages/subgraph
  2. run yarn codegen
  3. go to moloch-monorepo/packages/subgraph/subgraph.yaml
  4. update dataSources.source.address with output from running test. You should see something like this moloch.address 0x9463308d1C9032cC464E395e54E55EDA77495c00. cut and paste the address, 0x9463308d1C9032cC464E395e54E55EDA77495c00 in this example.
  5. run graph deploy moloch --debug --ipfs http://localhost:5001/ --node

run front-end

  1. open new terminal window
  2. go to moloch-monorepo/packages/frontend
  3. npm install
  4. npm start


Rosebud DAO



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