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tech-repo for the habitat rollup

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Use docker-compose up --no-deps dev to bootstrap the environment, you only need to do this once and if you changed node_modules and/or docker files.

Enter the development container with ./scripts/dev.sh. This script also establishes a port(8111) mapping, the NutBerry node listens on that port.

Then change the directory inside the container cd /app and run node receipts/simple.js for a simple bootstrap environment.

Note: You may need to run yarn compile first.

That provides you with a full stack environment in combination with receipts/simple.js.

Compiling Contracts

Run yarn compile inside the docker container.


The Web UI is available at http://localhost:8080/.


Run the tests with yarn test. You can run single/multiple tests only with yarn _test path/to/file(s).

MetaMask - connect to development root chain (geth)

rpc url: http://localhost:8222 chainId: 99

MetaMask - common errors

Try to reset the account history in MetaMask if you experience strange visions errors.


GAS_GWEI=3 ROOT_RPC_URL=http://localhost:8222 PRIV_KEY=0x2bdd21761a483f71054e14f5b827213567971c676928d9a1808cbfa4b7501200 ./scripts/deploy.js


Edit web/config.{js,css} and publish to ipfs via pin=1 yarn ipfs-publish web/.

NutBerry node setup

Habitat uses NutBerry optimistic rollups. For setup of the node see: NutBerry setup


tech-repo for the habitat rollup


License:The Unlicense


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