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A curated list of awesome Version control tools - clients, diffs etc.

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Awesome VCS tools

A curated list of awesome Version control tools - clients, diffs etc.

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Desktop clients


Git - most popular decentralized version control system.



Client extensions

  • Turbo Git - commit convention support.
  • Magit - A Git Porcelain inside Emacs.
  • gitforge Utility for manipulating git forges.
  • forge-cli cLI for editing and creating issues and merge requests on Gitlab, github and others.

GitHub extensions

Behind GitHub



gitignore is a rules for Git working copy.


SVN - popular centralized version control system.




  • SmartHG - stand-alone or portable Git client
  • TortoiseHg - Windows Explorer shell extension

Stand-alone diff tools

Text diff

Image and CAD file diff

Special Diff

  • nbdime - diffing and merging of Jupyter notebooks

Code hosting




Merging and sharing

  • Copybara Tool for transforming and moving code between repositories.
  • meta Tool for turning many repos into a meta repo.
  • mfetch_upstream Fetches upstream and merges from multiple repositories.
  • fbshipit Tool to copy commits between repositories.
  • git-bzr-ng Bi-directional git to bzr bridge.
  • git-tf Simple two-way Git-TFS bridge.
  • gitbitlabhub Tool to mirror repositories between Bitbucket, Gitlab, and Github.
  • github-action-build-chain Tool for github actions to build multiple projects from different repositories.
  • github-repository-sync-action Github action to push changes to branch in github repository to any remote repository.
  • github-sync Github Actionfor syncing current repository with remote.
  • gitman Tool for Git to help manage, fetch upstream, and modify projects through various Git websites.
  • git-merge-repos Program for merging multiple Git repositories into one.
  • peru Tool for including other people's code in your project.
  • repository-mirroring-action Github Action for mirroring a repository to another repository.
  • sparkleshare Tool for sharing and collaborating through synchronized Git repos.
  • svnAndGit Script to allow two-way workflow between git and subversion.


Just fork and send a pull request with your awesome Version control tools - clients, diffs etc.

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A curated list of awesome Version control tools - clients, diffs etc.

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